Edinburgh Preview: Poor Michelle's Caitlin McEwan on Harry / by Declan Maloney Drummond

What's your show about?

Harry is the story of two university students, Caitlin and Sophie, who meet in first year and forge an instant, intense friendship over their mutual love of crisp sandwiches and a shared obsession with One Direction heartthrob, Harry Styles. It's a comedy with a dark edge about the stresses and strains of friendship in your late teens and early twenties, and growing up in a world where many people live their lives online, and your idols are only a tweet away.

Have you been to Edinburgh before?

I'm from Edinburgh, so have been going to the fringe for years. We've all been before with shows, but we've never been all together as a company, so it feels like a really special event. It's great to be going with such a fun show that also has a lot to say about the Twitter-obsessed culture we all find ourselves in.

What's the process of bringing a show to Edinburgh like?

Unbelievably stressful. It's like peering into a void: will anyone actually come and see it or will we be performing to audiences of 2 day after day? Will we run out of flyers? Will The Scotsman hate us? How hard will it be to do a show at noon on a hangover? There's a lot of uncertainty. There's also a lot of admin, but more than anything else we are all just unbelievably excited to get there, start seeing what people think, and start seeing some shows.

What do you plan to do with any free time you have during the Fringe?

In no particular order: drinking pints in George Square, leaving our flyers in sneaky places, drinking pints in Pleasance Courtyard, seeing some cracking shows, relying on coffee from Black Medicine to help us get through the tough days, and drinking pints in... Wherever will allow us, really.