Edinburgh Preview :Isabelle Kabban on Cognitions / by Declan Maloney Drummond

What's your show about?

Our show is called Cognitions and it is about the effect of mental illness on a mother and daughter relationship. Joanna isn’t very well and her daughter, Niamh, is moving away to university. Their relationship is under strain and the looming reality that they have to separate isn’t helping. A play about co-dependency, relationships and learning to be OK on your own.

Have you been to Edinburgh before?

Yes I have been to Edinburgh before. Two years ago I took a show up called Treacle which was performed in a tiny little room above a pub. It was very sweaty but an amazing experience, learnt a lot too.

What's the process of bringing a show to Edinburgh like?

The process of bringing a show to Edinburgh is very long. You start planning it over a year in advance and now the fringe is coming up in under a month. It feels very surreal - scary but exciting. It's a bit like finally giving birth to a child that you want everyone to love because you've put so much work in...

What do you plan to do with any free time you have during the Fringe?

I've already made a list of shows I want to catch when I have some free time in Edinburgh. These include 'All We Ever Wanted Was Everything', 'The Shape of the Pain', 'The Inconvenience of Wings' and loads of others too. I hope to see lots of free stand up (even the not so good ones because they're funny too) and chat to other companies.