Edinburgh Preview: Lauren Downie on Dickless / by Declan Maloney Drummond

What's your show about?

‘Dickless’ is a one person show that explores gender identity, the roles we choose to play and the roles thrust upon us. Set in a small English town, ‘Saff’ & ‘Oli' tell their story which includes bizarre sexual conquests, girls behaving monstrously and an internet rumour which may lead to a life or death situation! It is certainly an outrageous story you want to hear.

Have you been to Edinburgh before?

Yes I have been in Edinburgh before and I have been to the Fringe a couple times but I have never been part of it so I am very excited!

What's the process of bringing a show to Edinburgh like?

A lot of work! As the actor in the process I haven't been dealing with the production side of things but I know that there is a lot of organising and fighting to get venues, accommodation etc as it is such a highly anticipated Festival. Not being able to rehearse in the space we will be doing the show in is difficult but that is part of the festival life so bring it on!

What do you plan to do with any free time you have during the Fringe?

I plan to see shows, shows and more shows! And of course see my family and friends who will be coming to support me in the show.