Charlotte Ahlin on The Summoning / by Declan Maloney Drummond

What's your show about?

Circe and Morgan are best friends, and tonight they’re planning something strange. An arcane ritual has been set in motion in their cramped college apartment, but one thing is missing: a virgin vessel. Enter the anxious and upbeat Lily, the last virgin on campus. Through a night of bloody slapstick and dark comedy, alliances shift and tensions rise, blurring the line between the ordinary and the occult. The Summoning is a fierce, funny, feminist new play about friendship, college, and dead rats.

How did it get to SheNYC?

I've been working on The Summoning on and off for over a year now, with a workshop production last January.

I came across SheNYC over the winter, and I was thrilled to find a New York based festival dedicated to women's voices. I sent in my script, and here we are! Everyone at the festival has been so supportive, and I'm excited to be working with so many other talented women (and even the occasional talented man).

What's your casting and rehearsal process been like?

We went through three different rounds of auditions, but it was well worth it! Jacque Emord-Netzley is reprising her role as Lily, and Caitlin Cisco and Colleen Litchfield are joining the project as Morgan and Circe. We've started text work in rehearsals, and I'm already highly impressed by the insight and hilarity that everyone brings to their roles.