Angelica Zollo on The Last / by Declan Maloney Drummond

What's your show about?

My one act play, The Last, is set  in a Lower East Side apartment in New York City and centers around Carmen and Elizabeth, two young women who are very close friends, almost like sisters, who have lived together in the apartment for four years, and Carmen’s ex, Matt who makes a frightening appearance. The play takes place over their last weekend living together before each of them embarks on their own journeys living apart.

How did it get to SheNYC?

I am constantly submitting writing of mine in many different forms to different places. I am always looking for new places to submit and came across SheNYC and was so excited to read about a festival that showcases  and celebrates women’s voices in such a beautiful way.

What's your casting and rehearsal process been like?

I knew that I wanted to cast Gabe Fazio, a brilliant actor who I was lucky to work with on my first feature film in March, as Matt and am fortunate to know and be friends with talented actors and artists.  From there, I reached out to friends and friends of friends who were actors to find the right actors for the parts. This included Jessica DiGiovanni who is playing Carmen. We are at the beginning of our rehearsal process. I am excited to work with such talent.