Jessica O'Hara-Baker on The Floor is Lava / by Declan Maloney Drummond

What is The Floor is Lava about?

It's about that moment in your 20's when you realize you've been running full speed at some idea of success that suddenly seems completely hollow. It's about not being able to ask for help or for love when you need it most. And it's about all of that happening in conjunction with your best friend becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg.

How did you come to direct the play and how did it become part of Planet Connections?

Last year The Farm Theater hosted a public reading of The Floor is Lava, and Padraic and Alex reached out to me to direct it. We had a packed house, people really enjoyed it, and Padraic brought it to Planet Connections for their 2017 festival. In that time, Pad also launched a fellowship program under The Farm. Alex is this year's Playwriting Fellow, and I'm this year's Directing Fellow.

The show is raising money for charity. Who is the show benefiting?

The show benefits this very cool organization called Girls Who Code. They're a New York born, now nationwide organization whose mission is to close the gender gap in the tech industry by running free after school and summer programs for teenage girls.

What are your future plans?

So far this year I've been incredibly excited to be doing a steady combination of performing and directing. I just finished up ADing Pam Berlin on EST's Marathon of One Acts and performing in a reading of Anna Ziegler's new play at The Lark -- my future plans look like nurturing more of this kickass combo. Next up I'm directing a hilarious and sad piece written and performed by Ying Li for Decent Company's showcase at The Brick Memorial Day weekend, and after The Floor is Lava closes I'll be at Fresh Ground Pepper's BRB Retreat developing an original film with my partner Miguel Govea.