'The First Man' - Wil Hart Interview / by Declan Maloney Drummond

Here at The Dionysian, we strive to Celebrate the Playwright. So here's NYC-based playwright Wil Hart being interviewed by Jillian Geurts, producer and performer of his new play 'The First Man', 
Here's what the play is about in their own words:

"The First Man” is a new play by Wil Hart. The play, directed by Michael Bradshaw Flynn, dives into the lives of three people at three different moments in time, as their world’s collide, shatter and get pieced back together. It examines cycles of the human experience, wrestling with themes of power, love, sex, religion and the not-knowing. It’s a visceral and darkly comic exchange between actors and audience, not for the faint-hearted but definitely a fascinating night at the theatre.

And here's the interview with Jillian and Wil:

J: So Wil, over a year ago we sat in room 31 and read this play you wrote called “the first man”… what prompted you to write it? 

WH: I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life, dark clouds descending, vultures swarming, and I realized the only way out was to write the damn thing.

J: I personally felt very strongly about it from the moment I read it… did you have a sense that it was special when you were writing it? 

WH: When I was writing it I was only cognizant of the experience. All I knew was I had to finish, it had to mean something, and that I was writing for my life. Which is good.

J: There’s 9 characters in this play for 3 actors, what is the reasoning behind this choice? 

WH:Every morning, I wake up, and it takes me about ten minutes to figure out who I am. It's very seldom the person I was yesterday.

J: Since the first reading, the cast for this has changed multiple times - what has it been like seeing different actors bring these parts to life? 

WH: It's been amazing seeing many very different, very talented actors bring such endlessly interesting colors to these parts. I'm proud of that. 

J: We started rehearsing this 3 weeks, what has it been like watching it evolve throughout the process? 

WH:It feels a lot longer than that! Watching it come to life has been extremely gratifying.

J: What’s been the biggest challenge and the biggest thrill of the process? 

WH:The biggest challenge is the biggest thrill.

J: What’s next for you as a playwright?

WH: I have several projects in the works at various stages of production including a gothic midwestern epic and a dystopian jungle safari adventure with mind control pigs.

'The First Man' opens tonight at Under St. Mark's until September 4. We're going to see it on Saturday night, and Jillian has donated 2 tickets for us to give away tonight at our first event Ritual Madness.

Get tickets for 'The First Man' here.