It Takes A Village / by Declan Maloney Drummond


Plays are meant to be performed. In Shakespeare's day, audiences went to 'hear' plays. Today we 'see' them. We're asking you to read them. We hope these plays will be seen or heard in the future. If we help facilitate that by featuring them here, then that's just lovely. Some of these plays have been performed already. Some perhaps will never be. We're giving these plays a day in the sun and hopefully they'll live to see more.

It takes a village to put on a play. In some theatrical cultures the playwright is king; the actors, directors, designers and technicians working to serve their vision. In others, there is no playwright. Theatre today takes on many different forms, some of which don't require a playwright in the traditional sense. We like all of those forms. However, many of those forms don't lend themselves very easily to the medium of print. The Dionysian puts the playwright and their words at the center and asks the reader to take them how they will. We like these words very much and hope you do too.

Steve McMahon